Triple B chemical cleaning supervisors and technicians have a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in chemically removing unwanted heat transfer robbing deposits built-up during normal operation. The chemical cleaning application may require recirculation, fill and soak or cascading to remove unwanted deposits from industrial process equipment using a custom-blended chemical formulation under controlled conditions. The process is often used to help maintain and enhance the operating efficiency of heat exchangers, condensers, boilers and towers in refining, chemical processing, electric utility, food grade, pulp and paper mills.

We have extensive experience in cleaning:
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tanks
  • Towers
  • Boilers
  • Hydraulic Flushes
  • Passivation Process
  • Pickling Process
  • Pre-operation cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Digesters
  • Process Piping
  • Rail Car Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a safer, more effective and more economical method of cleaning equipment than older, labor-intensive mechanical methods. It offers many advantages, such as eliminating dismantling for cleaning which saves time, labor and cost.

It also eliminates the need for entry into equipment, and because the chemicals and wastewater are contained, provides a much more thorough cleaning. Our experienced and highly skilled specialists determine the correct solutions to meet your needs and then perform the cleaning in a safe and cost-effective manner.

We can also perform micron-filtration of the wastewater generated by the cleaning process to remove suspended solids. The chemicals can then be neutralized so they may be discharged into your on site wastewater treatment facility, thus saving the cost of transportation and disposal off site. Application of the filtration technology provides an additional advantage of allowing the wastewater to be recycled for reuse in the cleaning operation.

Comprehensive Analysis - Each chemical cleaning process begins with a comprehensive analysis to determine the techniques best suited for the application. Whether in the form of liquid, foam, vapor-phase cascading, or circulation, we incorporate the proper chemistry to eliminate deposits and scaling by identifying through bench testing, materials that are compatible with the integrity of the system being cleaned. Customers profit from reduced downtime and less process variation.

Improved Effectiveness for all Cleaning Projects - Triple B Industrial Services, is equipped with portable boilers and heat exchangers that can be utilized to improve the effectiveness of any cleaning project. In some cases, generated waste can be conditioned on-site during the cleaning process to meet on-site treatment capabilities of our customers