Triple B Industrial Services Dry Ice Blasting process is a dry, nonabrasive, nonconductive process that leaves no remaining media to clean up. It's the pure and powerful solution for your cleaning and maintenance needs.
Even though it is aggressive, dry ice blast cleaning is absolutely safe to use on production equipment, printing presses, robotic lines, electric motors, fans, walls, floors, etc. It will not etch most substrate materials being cleaned and leaves behind no additional waste or residue.

Dry ice blast cleaning is superior to sandblasting because it does not corrode or wear away the intended surface as traditional sand media and wire brushes do. This means that surface integrity and critical tolerances are preserved and equipment will not have to be replaced due to surface erosion common with sand, glass beads and other abrasive media. Also, with dry ice blast cleaning, most equipment and machinery can be cleaned in place, which eliminates costly disassembly and reassembly.

Finally, dry ice blast cleaning is cheaper, faster and safer. Because nothing is added, there are absolutely no secondary wastes. The materials being removed generally become a light, dry dust that can easily be vacuumed and captured in filters even while the job is in process. Therefore, there is very little, if any, additional cleanup after the dry ice blasting job is completed.

Since there is rarely any need for disassembly or reassembly and no need for further cleanup after the process is completed, any required downtime is very short. The dry ice blast cleaning process allows easy, rapid access and thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach places where human hands cannot, or should not go.

Dry ice blast cleaning is a non-destructive and naturally safe cleaning and coating removal method to both humans and objects being cleaned. No chemicals, no abrasives, no electrical energy, no sparks, no heat, no high-pressure fluids, no secondary waste streams all contribute to a greatly reduced risk to the equipment being cleaned, to the personnel performing the cleaning and to our environment.