Triple B Industrial Services using equipment operating at pressures up to 36,000 psi and volumes from 7 gpm to 40 gpm. Our experienced supervisors and technicians rapidly cut through stubborn scales and product build-up in boiler and heat exchanger tubes; eliminate old paint, dirt and rust from structures, machinery and equipment; and accurately peel away soft or hardened deposits from chemical processing equipment without any damage to their primary surfaces.

Our hydro-blast cleaning is the ideal technique for clean-up of internal as well as external areas, flat or irregularly shaped surfaces, and for getting at places that, in the past, were almost not possible to reach, let alone clean. In addition, TBIS in-house designed system of micron-filtration allows the capture, filtration, and reuse of the wastewater generated by the cleaning process, reducing the volume of water used by as much as 80 percent.

TBIS R.H.D. System
is a innovative, internal pipe cleaning system with specially designed cleaning nozzles. The hose is rotated as it passes through the pipe while the cleaning nozzle remains forced against the pipe wall to increase cleaning compared to other pipe cleaning procedures. Treatments include cleaning of solidly blocked or scaled tubes.

  • The removal of many tough, hard or brittle deposits from the inside of tubular products with comparatively high cleaning rates.

  • The cleaning of tubular products that are solidly plugged with a wide variety of deposits.

  • The removal of many products from concrete, PVC, steel and any other pipe materials with minimal damage to the pipe.

  • The cleaning of heat exchanger tubes in areas with limited access.

  • Maximum working pressure - 40,000 psi.

  • Maximum range- 200 gpm up to 12,000 psi; available in 8 gpm @ 40,000 psi.

  • Maximum cleaning distance - 1500 feet in length.

  • The unit can normally negotiate bends in piping systems.

  • The machine is comparatively light and portable permitting its use in many small or elevated work areas.

  • Rotational speed, rotational direction, pressure and flow are all remotely and independently controllable.