Triple B Industrial Services uses special blend of degassing products with high-volume, low-pressure water to clean the internal of tanks from the outside, if the levels of vapors inside require it. Using high-volume trucks with 3-D cleaning tool with hoses attached, our reach capability into the tank is approximately 25 feet and up. This allows us to quickly and safely flush the tank, remove flammable liquids and move the sludge to a pick-up point.

Upon entry, the final cleaning process begin to remove spent debris and slug using vacuum or pumping units until tank is thoroughly cleaned. To reduce the volume of water required, we use a unique micron-filtration system that allows us to filter the water generated and reuse it in the cleaning process.

Doing this drastically reduces the amount of water used and contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of the project.

Our fleet of industrial vacuum tankers, pumps and equipment ensure the rapid, safe and complete removal of both solids and liquids from tanks.

TBIS offers a complete line of tank and vessel cleaning systems. Tank cleaning systems provide a safe and efficient way to clean inside of storage tanks, pressure vessels, boilers, and silos. The use of 3-D water blast nozzles can often eliminate the need for vessel entry. The 3-D nozzle works by rotating two jets at 90 degrees to each other. By eliminating vessel entry, you eliminate the need for hole watch and stand-by rescue personnel. The 3-D system will completely clean the entire vessel. Projects that require vessel entry can also be safely cleaned with the turbo-jet surface cleaner. Product build-up, coatings, and linings can all be easily removed with the turbo-jet surface cleaner.